Monday, January 9, 2017

Weekly Update 1//9/2017

Hello and here is the first Weekly Update for 2017.
Had a great beginning to the new year. A fellow painter, (@Goblins_Mordor), that I have met through Twitter has challenge me to paint 500 miniatures for the year of 2017!
  Challenge Accepted!!!
What a great incentive to paint a lot of models. At the time of this posting I am at 15/500 models.
 These will all get there own posting soon. But just wanted to show off what I have done this week. 
First up some Commission Pieces.
Malifaux Bayou Gremlins
Orphelia LaCroix
 Raphael LaCroix
 Rami LaCroix
  Francois LaCroix
 Two Young LaCroix
 Bayou Gremlins
Bushido Miniatures 
Winter Ninjas
 This was a Personal Project that I worked on in between commission work.
Reaper Miniatures
I have more Bayou Gremlins and Bushido Ninjas on my painting desk that I will be finishing up later this week. 
Also a quick update on my rather large personal project.
I have looked at all the pieces for Smaug. Then I gently re-wrapped him in his bubble wrap and put him back in the box for the time being.
This is going to take some time. But well worth it!
Stay Tuned for more updates.

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